Top Five Tips for Finding an Excellent Childcare Centre

Taking a child to childcare is the first step towards exposing the child to “school” life. Although childcare may not be as elaborate as a formal school, the programmes and activities offered are closely related to education matters and it prepares a child for what lies ahead in their academic life.

Therefore, when finding a childcare centre, you need to be extra cautious since it may as well define the academic future of your child. With that said and done, you need to put the following factors into consideration to help you make the best childcare centre selection.

What do you need to understand about a childcare centre?

  • Type of childcare centre

First and foremost, you should know that there are many types of childcare centres. Some are suitable for young kids while others are more applicable to somewhat grown kids. Hence, depending on the age of your kid and other factors put in place, you should find a childcare centre that can accommodate your child’s specific needs and help them to advance into the next stage.

  • Availability of facilities

Kids love a place full of playing stuff and the likes. The childcare centre should be well equipped with several playing stuff that can keep the children occupied throughout the day. In addition to playing facilities, the centre should have better sanitation facilities, classrooms, seats among others. This will ensure that children are comfortable and find it fun to hang around the childcare environment.

  • Safety and security

When looking for a suitable childcare centre, the most crucial question to ask yourself is if the centre has put the necessary security and safety measures in place to guarantee your child’s wellbeing. The centre should only always notify the parents in case someone else shows up to pick up the kid. Moreover, the centre should be well fenced to avoid children sneaking out and causing trouble. Lastly, the childcare should be located in a safe place where children cannot be exposed to road accidents and such.

  • Programmes undertaken

As a parent, you need to pay close attention to the kind of programs that are being offered to children in that centre. A good centre should have personalised programmes that can meet the demands of the children. Also, excellent programmes will mentor and prepare children in both their academic and social lives. A daycare in Brunswick provides a variety of extra-curriculum activities. Thus, you need to take your time in analysing these programmes and see if they fit your child.

  • Highly skilled instructors

Handling a child is so stressful, let alone handling several of them at the same time. Thus, a caregiver needs to show patience while handling children and correct them in the right manner that will not compromise their wellbeing. This is crucial even to parents because you will be wondering what will happen to your child after leaving them with their instructor, especially if the child is so “playful”.

What is the right teacher-student ratio?

The law of teacher-student ratio varies as one moves from one state to another. In most cases, the recommended ratio of teacher-student is 1:30. However, this ratio can reduce up to 1:20 for childcare centres. This way, the teacher will have enough time to interact with each child and know their strengths/weaknesses. Childcare is the foundation on which you can build your child’s academic advancement right from a tender age and you should ensure that your child happens to be in one of the best around the town.


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